Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Time I ran away from home

I returned to school in the fall. I did not return to dorm life, but rented a room on 206 Main street, affectionately known as "the ghetto". There were five rooms, and I occupied the front Florida room. The house was very old, very large, it may have been the garden room at one time. My buddy, K.K., another little sister from the frat, was to board there also......she bailed out on me. I never told my mother that I was the only girl living with four guys! And I very definitely did not tell her one of them was the Bootlegger! (He did not carry out his business from this location....Thank God).

It was a good school year for me. I did relatively well in all my subjects and had a very active social life living with the Bolio's. (the name I affectionately called all my roommates and the hundreds of people who went in and out of the house on a weekly basis).

The school year wound down and suddenly it was May. Naturally, there had to be a huge party to celebrate the conclusion of another year. It was held on a farm secluded deep in the country side of Marshall County where we poised no threat to civilization.

Ironically enough, I went to the party with the Redneck. (I am semi startled when rounding up all these pictures how often he appeared! Then again, he was a frat brother.)As soon as we got there, he ditched me on the spot for this bosomy siren! I was humiliated and hurt and did the best I could not to have the entire party ruined because of his actions.

I found a spot on the porch, close to the keg of beer when HE found me. In spite my apprehensions and misgivings,I was very happy to see him. He had been gone a very long time. That afternoon he was my knight in shining helping me save face.

He was back from Arizona for a short stay. So short that they were leaving to head west the next day.

Hesitently, he asked if I wanted to go along..............

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