Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I am so busy writing the ADDICTED TO LOVE series that I am totally ignoring The Wonderful World Of Mary. Lost in the past. Not really a good place to be, but enlighening. I am realizing things that perhaps I was just too involved to see clearly before. Like John had a depression problem. I guess that is easy for me to say, throw out there 30 years later. It could have a lot of validity to it.

Another thing is this. I love Joe. John is gone.

And so, a very long chapter of my life is over, finally.

I have been having a hard time writing about it. I have stripped it down to its bear bones and then let my heart tell the story. This is why I began to blog. It took over a year to get to the point where I was prepared enough, had enough practice to begin.

Gary of GVP's Way sent me an email yesterday telling me how much he loves my Addicted to Love series. That if I polish it up and submit it to some publishers he is certain that I will find a taker. Can you believe it? Someone to pay me to write! It is too good to be true. I know what I would do, I'd freeze. I'd get writers block.

But it is so sweet.

Thursday night I will go to Newport and Joe and I will go see Big Joe Durbin at the Fish Bone at the Levee. Should be great fun. I have to work the next day, so ....it really should not matter anyway, I am giving up liquor of Lent!

HA! We shall see. I'm drinking all the liquor in the house so I will not be tempted. I have abandoned the diet and have convinced myself I will begin running. HA.

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