Thursday, February 03, 2005


It was a wonderful time, it was a tumultuous time. We lived on a farm with John's friend Tucker for a short time before finding out own small place. We left just in time, as Tucker got in trouble with the law for growing a ...well let us say, an unconventional type of garden. I worked again at the Ken Lake Lodge for the summer months. Nothing had changed, every thing had changed.

We talked about getting married, but I was going through a feminist stage and though marriage was equal to a slow death. I sugested that we should marry when we were ready to have children.

Oh it was wonderful. The best part about it all was the security I felt knowing he loved me and I loved him. In time I pushed that feeling into something known as "taking for granted". I was so young, and actually so immature emotionaly.

John was a part owner in a bar in Paducah called the Great Western Music Company. We moved to Paducah, once again to a farm way out in the country. There are many stories I can tell about city girl on the farm, but I won't. Suffice it to say, it strained our relationship at times. Everything from the lost beloved dog to being snowed in for a week. The furnace going out and heating with a pot bellied stove. My goodness, that monster was called a "Warm Morning". An ironic name, I do not recall ever having a warm morning with that hunk of cast iron.

I became so close to him. He would say it was if we had been together in a previous life. He was my best friend, my confidant, my sharer of dreams, my mentor, my equal, my teacher. We were together for close to

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