Monday, February 28, 2005


Yesterday Poo-Poo, his youngest daughter and myself made the journey to Newport to move him back home yesterday. The furniture and household things we have been accumulating over the past three months were packed up in the U-Haul. Some of the furniture we placed close to the dumpsters, letting those know it was up for grabs. Actually, that was a stroke of genius for the grateful receiptent helped us shuffle the remaining stuff into the U-Haul.

It took about two hours to clean it out. Poo-Poo and Poo-Poo Jr. took off for home and I headed to some of my favorite spots in Cincinnati and surrounding area...for the last time.

I surprised myself with the sadness I felt. We had arrived with Winter and were leaving with the beginnings of spring. I was growing very fond of my weekends there and was looking forward to the beauty and adventure that the warmer weather was surely to bring.

I went to Trader Joes' and stocked up on Two Buck Chuck, scones, pinapple slasa, pizza dough, chocholate covered bing cherries.

I went to Party Supply which is open at 11am Sunday morning. I loved to waslk down the aisle of beers. So tempting and mind boggling. The cave was the cold vault full of wonderful beer. The flavor rum selection was fabulous. I will most certainly miss the Party Supply.

I ended up my shopping spree with a trip to Superior Candy and Nuts. Candy sound by the pound. This was the first stop every week end for my step daughter and I to get our $2.99 bag of treats. Everything from jaw breakers to salt water taffy. I purchased the ceremonial last bags for each of us. I also purchased a pound of liquorish assorts! The very very hard to find delights that I love maybe a little too much. Last time I found them was in a shop in Galway.

I have become very attached to the area. I beleive it had a lot to do with it being a major metropolis. I am going to miss so much.

Driving into the valley of the Ohio river rounding the big hill on I-75, you come around and the city of Cincinnati is laid out in front of you like a crown jewel. At night time, this view will take you breat away with its beauty.

There are seven bridges that span the Ohio River into Kentucky. Each one has a demonstative name attached. The Suspension Bridge, the Mac Bridge, the Purple People Bridge. I loved to photograph them and will miss thier mystic and dreaminess that they always opened up in me.

I'll miss the walks I took and the great source for picture taking. Covington crossed the little bridge and became Newport, which merged into Bellview which became Dayton (KY). Everyone a small and interesting cluster of old establishments saved from the early frointiers day.

The Levee with the Newport Aquarium and the multitude of fancy restuaraunts and shops. The actual levee with the wonderful Riverfront area for walking, tossing rocks into the Ohio, the veterans park, the restaurants on the river, the runnig track. The barges, the abondoned boats on the ground wrapped in blue vinyl balnket for the winter.

I'll miss the bars that were everywhere and I did not have nearly enough time to visit all the ones I wanted. The SOuthgate House will be a source of fond memories.

ANd then the minor things that you always take for granted. The Biggs hyper mart! The produce selection was fabulous! The public radio stations, one out of Batavia Oh which played the most off the wall stuff! Polka music, old Big Band Sounds, Celtic music, and old Cowboy music! The DJ's were grandma's & grandpa's sharing their record collections! I will miss that very much.

I'll miss most off the the wonder of anticipation. It was an area that anything could happen. Of color and excitement and people coming and going.

It was a good three months.

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