Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I do it for the comments

I seem to be loosing my audience in AOL Journals. Don't know why. Seems the alerts are on the blink and maybe that is some of the reason. I got bored with my Addicted to Love series, maybe they did too. I realize I will never know. I have been through this before, a flux in my readership. We all know we do it for the comments.

My hit meter seems to be off too. I posted to Photo Friday which usually gives me 100 or so hits and nothing. So very odd! I received two comments and the meter did not move! What is up with that. Very frustrating to an insecure neurotic like me.

I do not write often about work. Today we are having a market tour. Since I have this new territory, wouldn't you know it, the tour is in my area! Rats. I have not spent much time there leaving it to Daniel to clean, find the out of dates, report infractions to me. Daniel had been great. I would have died without him. I must tip my hat to Jeff for his inspiration to have Daniel help out. Of course, Jeff's arse is on the line too.

I wanted a new job, new challenges, new experiences...well I have them. Just not the way I expected. This new territory is making me work! I hate it! Ha! Seriously, it is a lot of work and I had hopelessly lost at times. Thank God I have seven years experience at this job! I am so totally unorganized that I am desperately re-inventing my lazy self.

Added to every thing that is going on at work, Joe drops the bomb that he is being transferred to Ft. Wayne. I am very excited about the prospect of moving. New surroundings and experiences. The exhilaration is offset by Mom and Dad, the reality of moving an entire household at one time....I have never been so under the gun before...and transferring. What if I can't? Then, the competition is there...and maybe I need to find the job of my dreams for the remainder of my working career....Writing, journalism.

Maybe people are not reading me anymore....but it certainly isn't because my life is boring!

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