Sunday, January 09, 2005



By taking some lousy pictures! Yikes. It is hard to show the scope of what the Ohio is doing to the banks of Kentucky and Ohio. The Licking River, the same thing. I just wish the pictures were better. I walked over the Bridge into Cinti in the sunshine. It has been hiding from us since Dec. 29th! It felt wonderful on my face. Short lived, we are back to over cast days and rain. Flooding is inevitable and is occurring now in some areas. Zorro is safe, tucked behind the Levee.

It was a family sort of week end. His son B. came up there and entertained his daughter B. Other than that an unremarkable week-end.

My blogging has been on the down slide. Nothing notable to write about. Lots of things going on, but only fragments of inspiration. My heart is heavy for my dearest friend. Her marriage is on the rocks after 30 years. Having been through it a time or two, though absolutely nothing like it must be like , feel like after all that time. The betrayal, the hopelessness, the rage.

When Zorro and I were having our problems in the past they would be very bad. Once time I thought I had really lost him to another woman. Waking up each morning, out of the comfort and cushion of dreams into the harsh reality was the worst part of the day. Realizing what was wrong, why the heart was so heavy, so broken. The heaviness of the soul.

I want to wave a magic wand and make it all better for her. All I can do is pray for her and be there for her.

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