Sunday, May 31, 2009

Be Bold - And Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid

I awake with the dream still imprinting on my sub-conscious state. I was interviewing with a potential employer of the nontraditional variety. I met him somewhere in Surreal Land, being the altered campus of Murray State University as he left the Sig-Ep house. I caught up with him and began to spill out my best "elevator speech" and his cell phone rang.

He took the call and began to walk away from me. I followed him and the moment he ended his call I began again with the clumsy question, "Are you hiring at your company?" and he then gave me an on the spot skill assessment test.

I had to fill in the "a's" in a sentence and I was handed a large sheet of paper. I was momentarily caught off guard and had not listened to the sentence so that I could repeat it. I turned to my husband (who had materialized behind me and is always telling me I do not listen) and asked for him to repeat the sentence. He just shook his head.

I attempted the beginning and knowing it was useless began to plead my case to the potential employer. Making my excuses....

I awoke and upon opening my eyes this thought rushed into my head.....

"Get out of your comfort zone......"

And so, whatever that dream meant besides pay closer attention, today I embark on getting out of my zone. I have to shake off the longing for someone to call me and offer me a job...any job. I would wait tables as Crackerbarrel if they asked.

And I am going to step away from the computer. If it's on the job/career boards, then everyone and their Grandmothers are applying.

I must be Bold.

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