Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Catholic School Girl Confessions- Part I

This morning I finally found a spot in the house that the SIRIUS will receive an uninterrupted signal. As I sifted through all the stuff that seems to multiply whenever I turn my back, as if I have taken the wrong turn and entered the Twilight Zone, Bob Seagers RAMBLIN' GAMBLIN' MAN began to play and transported me back to high school.

I am standing in the girls bathroom, the only girls bathroom if you do not count the one in the gymnasium. I spend a lot of time in the girls there because I am one of the clandestine smokers who pile into the stalls and share a cigarette with the other smokers in between classes. I can feel the butt clamped between my two fingers, the ash about two inches long and glowing red. We pass it around and blow smoke out our nostrils.

Myra throws open the door grabs the community fag and takes a deep drag. As she exhales the smoke, which is mysteriously also red, she begins to belt out,

" I was born lonely
down by the riverside
learned to spin fortune wheel
and throw dice
I was just 13 when I had to leave home
knew I couldn't stick around
had to roam"

We wore the typical Catholic School Girl Uniform, blue sweater, blue pleated skirt, white blouse with "peter pan" collar (whatever that was but that is what we called it)either white socks with saddle shoes or blue knee highs with Bass Weejuns (you never mixed the two!!). Our skirts were rolled at the waist to give the effect of a mini skirt. We were made to kneel to ensure that our hems brushed the floor. We spent a lot of time rolling and unrolling those hems while puff puff passing in the girls bathroom at the end of the hall way at the ready to rush out as some duty bound Nun would rush in trying to catch us.

We were all on the road to "never gonna slow" down for that "funky world".

See ya round.


Lulu LaBonne said...

Your catholic school sounds more fun than the others I've heard about - did you see the film 'The Magdalene Sisters'?

Lisa :-] said...

You were a bathroom smoker!? Who'da thunk it? ;)

Indigo said...

Wasn't the Catholic School girl, but it's still a familiar past time for me. (Hugs)Indigo