Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Screwed Up Big Time

I can not figure out how to upload my old Hippie Gypsy picture from Photobucket. As many times as I try it does not happen. So I am depressed because I want her back. I like Alphawoman and all missed her, but I will be the first to admit I am wishy washy and not that I have AW back, I want Gypsy back.

Such is life, never truly getting what you want.

Oh, by the way, I am back on line. It only took a week and a half. I now have DSL and it is okay, so far I do not see any major differences. I was taking the 15 minute trip to the library in town. I like escapism. Now that it is easy to write an entry, I am void of material.

Why? Queen of the Non-Stop, open the flood gates? Because I just want to bitch bitch bitch. And I realize it is no good. But, I can't help myself.

The SIRIUS does not work. This is bad, because I love SIRIUS and can not stand to listen to it as it stops and starts and searches for the satellite. I almost cried today. But, this is good because I have shifted through my CD's and am now listening to Ashley MacIsaac who I have been neglecting for sometime now. John Prine, Lila Downs (oooohhhhhhhh....I forgot how much I love this genre!)

I am being invaded with ants! No matter what I do, they come back. I have sprayed (which I hate to do because of the cat) cleaned with the vengeance of a scorned lover, and have the house smelling like vinegar because I read somewhere they hate it and will not return. God, I hate invaders!

And today is my anniversary. I am going out tonight and I have nothing to wear.


Donna said...

When we moved this mobile home out here in the pasture, ants took over. It was so bad, even the exterminator couldn't believe it. Yep, it took an exterminator to get rid of them. He handed me a Terro bait trap I had laying in a window and said, "You may as well throw these away; they're useless."

Indigo said...

I was wondering what happened to the old header. I love this one as well.

Ants drive me insane, I have no patience for them and they show up out of the blue without reasoning. There is no sugar or food lying around.

Happy Anniversary dear friend! (Hugs)Indigo

Monica said...

First of all Happy Anniversary!

I miss the old header, this one is nice. Yet, the other one just seems more YOU. :-) Or maybe I just relate more to the old header? Hmmmmm

Ants? Shudder. (can't stand them)

Lulu LaBonne said...

I'm enjoying all the headers... I'm sympathising on the ant front, I'm supposed to be protective about the little critters but when they get in the sugar bowl it really isn't funny.

alphawoman said...

Donna - I think the rain is driving the ants inside. Every morning I am scrubbing the counter tops and taking exterminating into my own hands! My next header should read "The Terminator".

Indigo - I decided to finally upgrade to the new and improved Blogger and lost my header. Could not figure out how to get it back by HTML code with the new and improved Blogger. It will not take. I miss the old gal.

Monica - I will figure out how to get it back!

Lulu - I wanted to write "Mirror Morror on the wall...after I got it up, but was too lazy to re-do it..."

Thank you everyone for the Anniversay sout-outs!

Lori said...

Happy anniversary!!!
It seems like a lot of people are having ant problems this year. Thankfully they're leaving us alone for the time being.