Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where did I put that darn Camera?

The camera was dusted off and carried/concealed in my Pink Birthday Purse (which could house an elephant... I love large carry-all's) for the trip to downtown Clarskville last evening for the celebratory anniversary meal.

Since I have been neglecting the camera, the flash did not fire and the pictures are very disappointing, but I am determined to return and click happily away as soon as it stops raining.

In the meantime I submit this offering to the Sepia Scenes website. I took this a long time ago at the Mayberry Train Museum. My daughter and I (back when she was younger) took several rides on this train. The Halloween Train, the Civil War re-enactment when Morgan's Raiders robbed the train to name two off the top of my head.


Sherrie said...

That's a very nice photo of the train. It looks like one we rode on before. The sepia really makes it look old! Have a great day!


Vita Stunder said...

I like your shot of this train in sepia - great tones!

Have a great day!

bb mcclain said...

Nice sepia pic alpha. Jesse James comes to mind when looking at it. (or James Garner)

Annie said...

Cool. Has the feel of a speeding train from an old silent film crashing out into the audience.

kaye said...

I love the comment from Annie--it does feel like it's speeding right out of the screen. Nicely done. Hope you can stop by to see my sepia scene Thanks!

Martha said...

Cool shot and neat meme. I'll have to check that one out too! I love the photo memes! :-)

Nelle said...

My husband LOVES trains. We took a train up a mountain in New Hampshire. It was scary!!! Very little room beyond the rail. Very picturesque though. I see you figured out how to upload the pic.
Belated anniversary greetings. How many years? My 7 is coming up so I am saying I have the 7 year itch. Gotta keep him on his toes right?
I see snail mail in your future.
What prize? LOL

Chris said...

Great shot! I usually don't like sepia because it looks so fake but you pulled it off perfectly here.

maryt/theteach said...

Excellent shot and I like what you did around the edges! :)