Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Always Home! I'm Uncool.

I am flip flopping with committing to the NANANANABLOGPOOPOO again. Basically, blogging daily for a month.

It will be good because I will become accountable even if to no one but the blog. I am realizing that if I have to report daily on several issues, the most pressing being the JOB QUEST, then I will have to schedule out my plans for the employment search instead of this willy nilly half hearted attempt at securing income intake. (income intake, I like that).

Also, I have determined I am unemployable because I have turned into an uncool old coot and need to shape up. Therefore I am undertaking the 100 day challenge, since the elliptical machine in the garage has thrown down the gauntlet, and I am going to loose this 20 pounds that is causing potential employers to discount me as a middle age old hag who does not take care of herself.

I am 10 days in! I am giving myself a break from the unrealistic goal of doing them consecutively. I have discovered that with the MP3 player I exercise with a lot more enthusiasm and vigor than listening to books on CD's. Those seconds were dragging into hours! With the switch I jumped from 22 minutes to 30 the next day.

As is my nature to allow myself to become totally distracted, I have been following with interest (and amusement) the press' attack on Susan Boyle. Amusement because they never once kicked old Paul Potts around but give them a lady and a middle age woman and they have gone nuts!

As I listened to her sing MEMORY from Cat's I just fell in love with the song. I'm certain I must have heard it before, but I also realize I am probably the only person who had never seen CATS. So, I checked out Elaine Paige singing the song and found myself crying.

For the love of God, what a beautiful song. (I also sobbed out loud when I saw Phantom of the Opera back in the day) and I have downloaded as many versions as I can find. Barbara Streisand is ....well, ..........

I found the original lyrics were changed because they were thought to be suicidal. They are heart wretchedly beautiful.

(Discarded Lyrics)

Touch Me, is there no
one to touch me
It was easy to love me
in my glamorous past
As I leave you a shadow of
the light I once as
May my memory sleep at last


Indigo said...

I tried to blog every day for a month and it didn't happen. Thank you for the lyrics I'm going to have to look up the entire song now. It's hauntingly beautiful! (Hugs)Indigo

Nelle said...

I find that if I wear more modern accessories that always punches up my mood and appearance. Right now scarves are really big. Try finding a scarf to perk up an outfit and see if that doesn't boost your appearance! It's always a good thing to be in shape. Sadly, I am not since I sit all day long and on weekends too nowadays.

Chris said...

I'm trying to blog at least one day a month.....

And yes, MP3 players ROCK for working out