Monday, May 11, 2009

Toonces the Cat

Yesterday I transported the three legged cat from Louisville to Tiny Town.

I have never traveled any great distance with a cat in the vehicle before. My only experience prior to this was hauling WildThing to the vet after being bit in the butt on several occasions while living in Mayberry or hauling WildThing home from the Human Society when he was picked up for loitering and thrown into the Cat Slammer. WildThing had a habit of madly running around the car and trying to get under my feet and inhibit my driving! I always had a very young Bridget with me back then. She was little help. I imagine WildThing freaked out whenever he found himself in the car because he thought he was on his way to the vet for shots, surgery and stitches. And of course, the neutering, which no way effected his nocturnal and wandering wily ways.

WildThing. What a cat.

The Three Legged Cat is of totally different temperament. I had him in a tiny carry bag and he cried so pitifully and looked at me with such big eyes that I let him out about 20 minutes into the trip. He checked out the car then lay down on his mustard colored blanket that he loves and had claimed as his own. He watched the windshield wipers for a spell, then noticed the moon roof and watched the clouds. When night fell, he too decided to take a nap.

Suddenly he jumped up and crawled into my lap. I rubbed him behind the ears and murmured words of comfort to ease his confusion. Then, he decided he wanted to drive. Toonces the cat immediately came to mind and if my memory serves me correctly, he always wrecked!

But, Three Legged Cat was easily lured back to the passenger seat and endured the rest of the ride with minimal disruptions.

Joe and TLC had a joyful reunion that consisted of wine, turkey and exploration of the garage. The cat was made to feel at home immediately and slept with a smile on his furry face.


Martha said...

Awww, cute story. Cats are crazy little creatures :-)

Lisa :-] said...

Some cats are nutsie in the car...others deal pretty well.
He sounds like a real sweetie.