Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quest for Job

So I ambled on down to the Career Center in Clarksville because I could not figure out how to apply for their job listings via the website.

And, I found out that you have to show up at the Center to apply!

I filled out the two pages, front and back, application and returned to the line to hand over my papers. Along with SS card and a picture ID. I was again sent back to the tables to read the "job openings" and list up to and only three jobs that I am interested in.

I quickly filled those in, since I had identified them earlier in the day on their web site, and returned to the line to once again, hand in my "application".

I was told to sit down and wait till until my name was called.

With a heavy heart, I sought out a chair that was not attached to one of the round tables that supported the books with the job openings and the desperate people. Myself, being one of them.

A guy sitting at the nearest table smiled at me and raised one of his eyebrows. Isn't that the secret signal for "I am a smart aleck"? I smiled back and as I sat I asked him how long he had been waiting.

"I came in at 1 and signed in, had lunch and came back."

Since I am unemployed I have stopped wearing a watch. Isn't it funny those things that are ritual and second nature are quickly thrown aside and forgotten. So I had no watch to look at to see what time it was and how long he had been waiting. I sighed.

We had a nice chat and I learned a lot of important and relevant things. One being that the local University, Ausin Peay, is offering a special degree for people wanting to gain employment with the MEGA corporation that is building THE MEGA factory on the north side of town. If I understood, you need some sort of Chemical Business degree. He stated that he already had a business degree which made it OK for me to state I had a college degree too! He thought that if you already had a four year degree, getting a two year Associate Degree in their Chemical Business curriculum wouldn't be too difficult.

And so it went until my name was called. In surprise I marched towards the counter...again....and the semi interrogation began.

In the middle of it she says, "I see from your drivers license that you are from Indiana. I am too."

(Not we all know that I am from Kentucky and that because of my husbands job(s) we were transferred to Ft Wayne in 2005 and then to Louisville in 2007, elected to buy a home across the river, and therefore are technically only Hoosier.)

"Where abouts?" I asked.

"Up around Ft. Wayne."

Now here I am, 500 miles from Ft Wayne, the only place in Indiana I truly have lived and meet up with a bureaucrat in the Career Center of Clarksville Tennessee who hails from the same area.

And Indiana is a big state with lots and lots of people.

"You have to be kidding" I gush, "We were living in New Haven!" (a township that is part of Ft Wayne)

"Get out! I had my hair done in New Haven! At Duce."

"No way!!Me too! Who? Not Micheal!"

"Yes! Michael!!!"

I'm telling you, the longer I live, the smaller the world becomes. (I hope it helps me get a job.)


Chris said...

That is funny! You Ft Wayne name dropper you;)

maryt/theteach said...

Small world, alphawoman! Great story! Glad you liked my "Prodigal Summer" post for Think Green Thursday! Hope you find a job you like! :)

Lisa :-] said...

I see you re-discovered your "hippie gypsy" header...

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Out there in the sticks, it might be the only viable way to round up some kind of income. Speaking for the self-employed, it definitely has its appeal...

Nelle said...

Good luck with the job! That is so funny. I too am finding I meet people who know people that I know...keeps life interesting. Perhaps there is some kind of job in the new mega factory that you would be interested in?

Lulu LaBonne said...

The world is amazingly small ... and there is no such thing as coincidence. I'm glad you're making connections here so quickly, this place feels good.

bb mcclain said...

That has happened to me, more and more often the older and older I get. Sigh

Lori said...

Good grief! That is funny! And I hope you get a decent job and soon! Glad you were able to get your header back.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Love this story. Michael must be the best hair dresser in the Fort Wayne area!