Thursday, December 09, 2004


I am up at 4am again. Why? Because I am crazy and lazy. Zorro is coming home today and I have to tidy up the house, vacuum, hide stuff...the usual. I went over to Moms to sit with Dad while she attended Mass for the holy day of obligation ( which one I can not remember, but it has something to do with Mary). So, my plans of putting up a tree and baking cookies did not pan out (bad pun).

Naturally I had to get to bed. It is not easy getting up at 4am three days in a row. Geez.

Yesterday I was shopping for several things. First, my ANY SOLDIER package that I want to get in the mail today. I ran across an article in the Cincinnati paper that outlines how to do it, I got on line and found a Marine that would distribute the stuff I send. Off to Sams Club for a bag of candy, a big container of bubble gum and some brand new Skittle chewing gum. Today I will throw in eye drops, baby wipes, and lip balm. I wanted to include home made cookies, but I guess I can do that later.

They also asked for DVD's and VHS's, so I thought I would swing by the Salvation Army Thrift store and check out their selection. And while I was there, I figured I could replace my bathrobe.

This is the story, while in Knoxville I left my beloved Victoria Secret flannel blue and white checkered robe. I have had that robe for years, considering it one of my most fantastic bargains found at this particular Salvation Army for $6.99 several years ago. Could I lose this robe in How about the two cruises we went All the numerous hotels we go How about Dublin Ohio? no. Louisville?

So I wander over towards the sleepwear aisle.

Now I know some of you will be thinning, "Ick!" But I am one cheap lady. How do you think I afford all the great Plum Wine?

I saw a blue robe hanging from the rack. I thought to myself, wouldn't that be great if I could find the same robe.

I'll be damned! There it was, the blue and white checkered Victoria Secret flannel robe! Only this time it is a petite (I cam live with it), it is a little more worn than the one I had and it comes with a belt. And for $4.99

I couldn't be happier and warmer! God works in mysterious ways, and if you try to tell me any different, I'll just patronize you.

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