Monday, December 13, 2004


The second weekend spent in Newport was not as exciting as the first. We got a later start and the weather was overcast with drizzle. We got out later in the evening when Zorro woke up, just shopping at the knock off Big Lots. It has a name, but it is strange like Mazuks perhaps.

Saturday evening Mom called not feeling well. I could not help. Added to the helplessness was the fact that the phone seemed to be busy for over an hour. I finally got through and spoke to my brother P. who was going to spend the night. I was feeling pretty low that I was not there to aide. It must have taken P. over an hour to get there. Me? I'm five minutes away.

Sunday was another dreary day, but I grabbed my camera and took an hour walk around town. I took numerous pictures along the main Newport Street, Monmouth. Actually, I was trying to capture the names of the various restaurtants and bars for future reference and visitation!

Pepper Pod Restaurant.

Peyton Place Restaurant.

Scotties Place.

Eberts Meats.

I took this shot along side Peyton Place. It was amazing that the geraniums were still in bloom on December 12th. I liked the rusty mailbox and the green awning background. I know it looks kind of busy, but I decided not to crop it too much.

Mom is okay. I still would like .............

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