Sunday, December 19, 2004


I have hundreds of these photo's. All memory melodies humming their lyrics in my head and I transport them to this medium!

The Gang! Well, about four of us from the gang, myself behind the camera. Our favorite playmate, H. on the bottom. Just one of the girls. Back in those days we never asked ourselves if he was a little different. We just accepted him as one of us. He was the most fun. I have lots of H. stories, but the nicest one of all is that we do keep in touch!

Anyone that can take three girls on top and ride them down a snowy hill is a real man in my book!

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alphawoman said...

I was just wondering if I posted a comment...if anyone found me and wanted to let me know what a great person I am (writer I mean)or sue me for slander....where it would end up.