Thursday, December 23, 2004



The entire day yesterday the alarm was out, winter storm coming! I waited all day and all night. When my alarm went off at 430 am, I was greeted with the sound of ice pellets hitting the back of the house. I quickly found out they were bombarding all sides, including the roof! A thick sheet of ice encapsulated everything. As the weak sun appeared and cast down muted was a winter fairy land. So naturally, I called in took a personal day.

I grabbed my camera, bundled up and hit the sidewalks. I began my journey walking down Broadway. As I reached Main Street I realized that I was on the familiar path I took most mornings on my walk to school, because I always missed the bus. The sidewalk led me towards downtown, passing in front of the churches that line the street. First, the abandoned Catholic church (now a catering facility) followed by the large houses that sit back on a hill with large sweeping front yards with the spectacular rock walls. In my graceful youth, I balanced myself from precarious rock top to the next. The Episcopalian Church, the Baptist church, the Presbyterian church and then you were in the center of town.

I took pictures of everything that I fancied. Empty lots where Hobbs once stood, the site of my first attempt at being a criminal...shoplifting. The expansion of the library, the library that was at one time confined to the top floor of the building with the smell of moldy books all bound in that rich earthy maroon tone. My Mom took charge of the archaic excuse for a library and changed it for all time. The site of the old Court House that burnt to the ground in the early 1960's. The Corner Drug Store still there, though very much changed eerily remains much the same.

Through the scary park where I was not allowed to play because of bums living down there. Where did those so called "bums" go?

Ending up at the cemetery. For one brief moment the sun shone through a small break in the granite gray sky. The above picture is the result. Much more dramatic in person than I could ever convey with Photoshop.

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