Thursday, December 02, 2004


I am drinking my first two (because I am on the second one) Eggnogs of the season. They are sooooooooo goooooood!

Went to The Book Cellar and for $8.50 I received the following:

1) Letters Home by Geo. Grant & Karen Grant. Sage advice from Wise
Men &Women of the Ages to Their Friends and Loved ones.

2) Songs in Ordinary Life by Mary McCarry Morris Oprah Book Club

3) The Annie Dillard Reader by Annie herself!

4) Aloha, Mr. Lucky by Carson Nierschfeld........Hawaii, journalist named Star,
and described as his literary ancestors are Leonard and Hiaasen. Sounded
very good!

5) Two Popular Photography magazines July & Sept. 2004

6) Cooking Light magazine Nov/Dec 1994....should have some good holiday

7) THE RED FAIRY BOOK edited by Andrew Lang. A 1960 reprint from
an 1890 publication! In ragged condition, but the book actually called to me
from the rack it was sitting on waiting to be shelved.

$8.50!!! Is it any wonder my attic is bulging from all my treasures?

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