Friday, December 31, 2004


I have written about my first "Bible" (journal) before. This picture literally fell out a few moments ago. It fits quite nicely considering where my thoughts have been this afternoon. I went up to the attic and recovered my old (old) address book. This is one I have have had in use since highschool. It has quite a few of my highschool chums addressed scribbled in pencil on the pages.

What I am most curious about are the people from Murray I knew so long long ago. I found the few, the ones I would love to contact. I accessed and began to look. I so far, have found one! I think to join will be a fun thing. I'll do it when I return Monday.

I want to reconnect with, find old friends. It is selfish of me, I want a Christmas card list that is at least (be realistic, girl) 60 people!

Oh, the picture. I'm going to save the explanation for a less rushed entry (have to leave in 45 minutes). But, notice Washington Square in the background!

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