Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Crying Time Again

Second interview with Cell Phone Company went very well. So well in fact they offered me the job! I should really say, I thought the interview went so-so. They were younger than me and sometimes that might not work in my favor. I am so old school anymore with this kind of stuff. Old school, old hand. My first interview guy called and offered me the job telling me that the second two ended up being as smart as he was in finding me!

I'm drinking. I'm drinking farewell to my life of leisure. Six weeks of pure bliss. I am sort of bored now and ready to go back to work. This is going to be a challenge and a stretch for me. I think I am up to it.

First...have to pass the drug test. Damn that Peggy and Karl!!! Damn me! I ordered the cleansing drink 2nd day air. $45 bucks is not too bad.

I am in semi-shock. I need the money because there is much I need to buy/purchase. The dryer needs a new element. The gas oven needs replacing. God knows the plumbing needs work! And Coach Z. God knows I need a chiropractor.

I have been conserving my money by using credit cards. I shudder to see what I charged to it this month!

Doing the happy dance because it just dawned on me that I will more than likely be paid every other week! Or twice a month. Tears of joy! Seven and one half years of a monthly paycheck was pure hell. Goes to show you that you can become use to anything.

Thank you God. Really, thank the Lord for this.

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