Sunday, September 18, 2005

Indy Irish Festival

On the way to Indianapolis I had an epiphany . I realized I was terribly happy. Not only is the relationship between Joe and I wonderful and dramatically improved since moving to Indiana, but the elimination of the job and the stress that accompanied it has greatly improved my mental well being.

I'm happy. I worry about leaving my parents and family. I worry about Bridget and what ever is the matter with her, but outside of that, I am so happy and content!

We arrived at the hotel without incident. We checked into the room and headed out the door to the festival. It was a little more than a mile walk to Military Park. We mosied through downtown and noted all the street musicians and out door pubs. The trip back would include a visit to one of them.

The Festival itself was very nice. Upon entering and wandering around I had to remind myself, before making any comments to Joe, that Dublin is the second largest Celtic festival in the US. So I had to give the Indy attempt a break.

We found the beer booth...most important, and they had Smithwicks and Guinness! We still drank Killians due to the price difference. It was still noted that we had a choice. We ran across the pipe and drums right away. The haunting and mournful notes that are so touching hung in the air so that you felt like you could touch them. Danny Boy, When Irish eyes are smiling, amazing Grace, God Bless America were all performed. And several other Irish tunes that I remember my Dad singing but could not remember the names.

From there we camped at the Irish Claddagh Pub Stage and listened to two incredibly good bands. The first one a little more polished than the second, but the second was a hell of a lot of fun. They encouraged crowd participation. From the wave, to yelling "what a lot of vodka" as the refrain of "500 miles". Grand fun!

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