Thursday, September 08, 2005

Happy Birthday to Mom
I may never go back to work! I really like just farting around all day!

I ran three miles...or close to it. I felt so much better after Coach Z. fixed my neck. Amazing. Simply stupefying that he could adjust my neck and my knee is just about healed!

I painted one wall of the living room. Added to the half room yesterday. The two tone is going to be very nice. Big job taking off the wall paper and the preparing the area. Trimming and all that. But I love it. Tomorrow I will do probably the rest of it.

Watched three movies with Joe. God help me, I can't believe it but I did. The one with Kevin Costner. The Ladder 49 & Man of the House. All three were good.

Called Peggy and we are going to stay at her house this Saturday night. Sunday we will celebrate Mom's Birthday and Dan's and Chris'

Good not want to go back to work just yet. I will have to in time.

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