Friday, September 16, 2005

Irish Festival Again

What luck! I caught wind of a Celtic Fest in Chicago this weekend. It took some persuasion to convince Joe to go. While perusing the Journal Gazette (as if they could not decide on one name! So they adopted them both) last Sunday I saw a picture of the upcoming Irish Festival in Indianapolis the same week end.

It was easy to switch him from Chicago to Indianapolis. I know Indianapolis only slightly, from being lost several times! Joe and I do not do well when it comes to travel....have never figured it out, must have something to do with control......and knowing a little something about the area is much better than knowing nothing!

I am excited. I booked us a room in downtown, about a mile hike from the festival. Easy walk back if we have had too much to drink! Us? Never!!! I tried to get the Hilton deal, room and two tickets to the Festival PLUS two entry tickets to an after the festival party in the hotel. Sweet!! But it was sold out last month.

We should arrive early evening. Hopefully around 3pm and then head to the festival. At least I will, he can rest and join up with me.

Gaelic Storm is performing. I have a CD of theirs that just did not do it for me. Yet, I know the power of seeing someone in concert.

Irish jigging again.

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