Friday, September 09, 2005

Lexington Cemetery

Quite honestly, there is little I do not like nor miss about the South right at this moment. Yet, out of all the wonderful things I miss....the weekly church festivals with gambling and beer booths, the Art shows, the hot air balloons on the horizon, white fences surrounding horse farms, yellow fields of tobacco, mockingbird and whipperwill, the flowering weeds, stone fences, peach orchards, farmers markets, drive in movie theaters, magnolia trees, smoky mountains, UK basketball, horse racing, the sing song southern lilt, the farm boys of my youth, my family...I'm going to settle on the cemeteries in the South.

The cemeteries of the south are not just resting places for our loved ones, but beautifully kept gardens full of moss covered stones, statues and monuments. Very few arboretum can compare to the beauty of a cemetery that is over 200 years old. Any season can make you catch your breath.

This past winter I kept my camera in the car so if perchance it began to snow I could get to the Lexington Cemetery and get a photograph of the "Wiggins" statue, an aging bronze statue of a fairy with her arms and uplifted towards heaven, her head thrown back with a large smile, skipping on her pedestal about eight feet off the ground. I wanted to capture her catching snow flakes!

It never happened last winter.

The best BBQ is slow cooked over a wood fire for hours and hours, and then smeared with molasses, vinegar and lemon juice. It will bring you to your knees.

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