Friday, April 13, 2007

Am I Boring You??

I have not written much on the New Girl in the office. She is 22 and I have come her. Today she told me that her vaca to NYC last week was fun, okay. 'The fact that it was Passover and we could only eat certain things kind of sucked."

"You're Jewish?"

"I don't tell many people." she murmured. "We avoid eating anything with corn it it, corn syrup and the such. Do you know how many things are made with corn syrup? So we eat this bread. Its special. It's flat and not very tasty."


"When we were slaves escaping we could only take a few things along with us. Our bread, we could only let it dry on stones before we had to move on. I suppose we continue to do it to remind ourselves of the suffering we had to endure."

"Like the 40 years wandering in the desert?"

She nodded and said nothing more.

"You know I'm Catholic? Well, we don't study the old testament too much, at least I never did. When Joe and I joined this huge mega church in Lexington I loved it. I even took a bible study class and would call Joe all the time and say, "did you know....." and he would think, 'you silly old Catholic'. He made a really good joke about it."

"What?" she asked.

"Well, earlier that year Bridget and I had traveled to Tampa to see my friend D. We took the Amtrak to West Palm Beach to see my other pal G. The Amtrak! My God. First of all, we could not board it in Tampa, we had to be bused to Loveland to board, because of some huge fires going on...."

"Oh, oh! Did you hear about the Jet Blue that was stranded on the run way and no one could even go to the bathroom and stuff?"

(......Wait a minute! I'm in the middle of a story, a good story, and I am standing up and even adding body language! And she inturrups me to ask about Jet Blue!! What's with this kid?? Is my story that boring? Can't she wait till the end to inturrupt.....)

"Yea...yea... I heard. Anyway, we return to Tampa on the Amtrak and it takes us alomost 24 hours to get back. It was suppose to be a 3 hour trip. We almost missed our plane!. So, I'm telling Joe about the The Isrialites wandering the desert with Moses for 40 years, and in actuality, the trip should have only taken three days!

Joe responds, 'That would be six days by Amtrak.'"

She did laugh.

Crazy kid.


Lisa :-] said...

Isn't it interesting to work with these youngsters? And to think how much older we really are (ewwwww...!)

Chris said...

A great Seinfeldian moment, don't ya think?

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Nelle said...

Our area has a humongous Jewish population. I grew up with friends and we conversed a lot about religion. I know almost as much as I do about the Christian religion. In NY there had to be a TON of places she could have found special Passover food at. The macaroons are so yummy.

tarakuanyin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The Amtrak story cracked me up. I went to San Francisco by Amtrak last year. A trip that was supposed to take 18 hours took 28 (and that was good!). I guess the passenger trains have to yield to the freight trains. Freight over people!