Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm ready for to fade into my own parade

I'm so ready to go. Staying here is excruciating. In my heart and mind I have left already. Today for instance, the Big Muck-ed-d-mucks (is that even a word?) where in my territory. What was I doing? A month ago I would have been on my knees lighting candles at the sanctuary for the Blessed Mother. Yet today I just thought "oh well" and was chatting away with mortgage companies,making appointments for a plumber, fretting about the damn driveway, making strategic plans concerning Alphawoman, yakking it up with S., having lunch at Mancino's, filling out necessary paper work for Joe's company and wondering if anyone will notice I am wearing running shoes. (a big no-no in this biz, but I had an excuse shoes got wet and these were in the vehicle!!)

I'm gone. Mentally I have checked out. But, for another four weeks I will go through the motions and keep things floating until they find a replacement ... for me (no way!!).

I hope I can do it.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose.

It's wonderful.

(I'll be crying if they yank my chain).

Another note!!!

I knew it !! I just knew it!!! There is a new blog out there called MY LIFE IS AN OPEN BLOG! (should have "domained" that too!)

Yet another note...they upped the offer to $1500


meno said...

$1,500? I think i might go for it if i were you.

You have a bad case of short-timer's disease.

Lisa :-] said...

Short-timer's disease is a bitch, isn't it?