Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In the chilly hours and minutes of Uncertainty

One night Joe was watching TV and drinking beer and got persuaded into pledging to the Public Television Channel that transmits in this area. All because he was lured with the joy of owning the "British Invasion" CD. All four of them!

They arrived when he was out of town. I popped it into the player on my most recent trip to the South, soon to be Home, and enjoyed every one of them as helped pass the four hour drive.

Many of the songs I had not heard for a very long time. Some with good reason.

Isn't it amazing how these sounds can transport one back into a decade that is so long ago that I recently heard in a movie some young smart Aleck say, "You know we are closer to the 2060's than the 1960's". He may be a smart aleck, but he missed several math classes.

It still hung with me , because I understand that is how they think of the music from that time. I even cringe at "Henry the 8th"...but I know every single word.

Sadly missing from the CD's are The Dave Clark Five. (and the Stones and Beatles).

Joe told me the Dave Clark Five were not a British band!


Aren't they?

They made me Glad All Over and I patiently listened through "Georgie Girl" "What New Pussycat", sang along with "She's not there" and "Gimme Some Loving" waiting to hear it.

I was astonished to realize that the Foundations were a British Import and not from Motown!! Gosh, I loved Baby Now That I Found You I Can't Let You Go.

Any way, I had the idea for an entirely different entry, but got caught up singing inside my head and this is the result.


MyMaracas said...

Funny coincidence you'd be writing about this today ...
I'm sitting here listening to American Idol, and Blake Lewis just sang "Imagine." After all these years, and wars, and dashed hopes it was more poignant in its innocence than the heart could bear. I found myself swept back in time, and I found myself crying.

Unhinged said...

Nothing takes me back in time easier than music ... except maybe the scent of something. It's both good and bad, you know?

Dang it, Mary! Why don't you ever answer your blog comments?

I DARE you tell me ... right now ... what 8x8 is.

Lisa :-] said...

I am totally hooked on the sixties and seventies music station I've been listening to at work. Most of the time, once I've heard the entire playlist of a station, I move on in boredom. But I don't seem to get tired of hearing all that stuff from my childhood. My crew think I'm nuts (or old...or both.)