Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cleaning, Sorting, Scrapbooking........

I have been working my butt off......not! But, I have made some headway in cleaning out several closets, the cabinets under the snack-bar (now that took half the day!)and under my bed!

I kept running across postcards, pictures, cut out newspaper articles, Birthday cards, old programs, menus, maps. All the things a high-powered Pack Rat would keep.

And why do I keep all this stuff? Because some day I am going to put my collection in a scrapbook.

Scrapbook? Where is that Scrapbook? Under the bed, of course. I had located a three hole punch (which I had been searching for months ago) in the cabinet and I put it to good use. No, I do not have a fancy smancy Scrapbook with themes and lots of ribbons and lace. Mine is not cutsie at all (well, maybe just a little). And as I began to put it together today, it is not even in chronological order.

Where ever it fits....there it went.

I'm pleased with the results.

Guess its time to start cleaning and sorting again.


Chris said...

It is weird, I have seen several references about old letters, photos etc in the blogs that I read today. Are we all spring cleaning or what?

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fairplaybeach said...

Do you ever find when you clean through old stuff like that that it ends up making you tired? But before that happens all the stuff helps you see the bigger picture... You can only do a certain amount in one go...

I've been going through stuff too. I think getting taxes done is part of the reason for push for me... organizing paperwork...

Nelle said...

OH a person who DEclutters before they call the are a dream of a client!
Last year I took a milk crate sized box full of pics and put them all into albums and scrapbooks. I love looking at them now.

Unhinged said...

Well, I did read a week or so ago that you're leaving Fort Wayne/New Haven. And I know you weren't happy there, but man. Wah. I liked your entries on The Fort. Little taste o' home.


YES, you should make the time to do a scrapbook. YES, it's a ton of work, BUT ... it's worth it.

It's worth it.

Paul said...

Ah, Leo in his Sesame Street shirt. Did they have on black shirts in Cleveland?