Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Questions Questions Everywhere and Not A Thought to Think!

Okay Andrea!! This is why I did not post a picture of my new do! Because there are no pictures. I tried to get several shots in the bathroom, using the mirror, but they did not turn out (as you can see!!) They usually only included the top of my head. This one makes me look ...exasperated! My darn camera! And the fact I dropped it a while ago (yes, a Nikon d-50 I dropped it like an idiot) and wrecked the every day lens. This lens is a long focal length and is difficult for anything slightly close-up.

So there is the top of my new do.

As for the domain name. I think she is passing on it. I told her that I had contacted Go-Daddy and they had quoted me a ridiculously low amount, from $79 - $159.

She immediately offered me $500.

The reason I hesitate to write about the Domain Name is in case she is googling it and finds this (or that or any entry) about the name.

Sentimental reasons make me keep it, want to keep it.

And the fact that a second Appraisal company came back with five pages of intense examination of the name and an ending quote of US $2450.00.

She passed.

Yesterday, in anticipation of the report, I was thinking about all the different ways you could use my Domain Name. And how I would kick myself in the butt if it became enormous with the right Marketing strategies, which it could.

You guessed it....

Can't you envision it!!

Alphawoman Magazine.

Alphawoman Cosmetics.

Alphawoman Power tools.

Alphawoman Cookbook's.

It's mind boggling.

And worth so much more than $500!


Trish said...

LOVE the 'do!

Alphawoman Rocks!

Ali la Loca said...

Yay - I love the hair, too!