Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When the winds of changes shift

It seems I can not focus enough to compose a real entry about what is going on, so here is the fragmented version.

I think I have a pinched nerve! It came on me last night as I sat at the computer in my left hand. It goes away when I stand up and leave. Strange. I had one years and years ago after a car accident and it went away in time!

I have been checking out the MLS for the Louisville area and it appears that you can get so much more BANG for your BUCK on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. So it seems we will continue to be Hoosiers!!

I feel like a lame duck at work. I told my supervisor about Joe's transfer and gave him a June 1st date. I have this odd feeling that I am going to miss him, Smart Aleck #2, and the Hunk.

J. is staying at my sisters "other" house in Louisville. They took off for a skiing trip for Spring break. I did not call her in time to arrange the passing of the key. My nephew was to come to the rescue. I asked him to put the spare key under the recycling bin on the back porch. I neglected to specify which back porch!! At 1030 Sunday night J. is frantically searching for said key! All's well that ends well.

It has been established that the Garmin Streetpilot GPS system I gave J. is the best Christmas present ever. Period.

It's 636 AM and I am sitting at the computer in my pj's. I am suppose to be out and working at 7am. Lame duck syndrome.

While driving yesterday I remembered I had to pay that damn fine for that damn traffic violation that I tried to fight without a lawyer (and I would have won too if I wan't such a tight wad! I have at several times since experienced that the traffic lights are not in sync therefore that cop could not have been certain I ran a yellow/red light, because by-God I did not!!). I was relieved to learn it was due on the 2nd and I have a two week grace period to pay it before my liscence is revoked.

Taxes are done and we get money back! Yay!!! Enough to cover the traffic fine! Yay. It was a lot less that I thought it was going to be, by the way. (the fine)

I'm beginning to really like the Cha-Cha's on The Amazing Race.

I'm still cheering for Billy Ray on Dancing with the Stars though Joey is spectacular.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and be moved.


Anonymous said...

If you find a magic wand to help with the move, could you try it on my taxes situations and make them instantly done ... with a refund!

I've been wanting to write you and ask how you put that gypsy hippie picture in your blog. I want to put a photo I have as a header for my photo blog I have. :-)


ab said...

New Albany's not a bad community...

Nelle said...

I had to buy myself a Garmin GPS for work and I am so in love....although my coworker has one that speaks in an AUSSIE accent and makes us squirm. lol lol
Thank you for the donation you made to the ACS! I also wondered how you put that pic on your journal, it's amazing!