Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's in a Name?

A very interesting development has risen!

I have a domain name (a great domain name) that recently was going to expire. I hemmed and hawed about renewing it and waited until the 11th hour and then paid for an additional three years. Granted, I do not use this domain. I coveted it, it became available about two years ago and I snapped it up.

Someone else wants this domain! Someone else was watching, waiting, hoping that I would let it slip away.

They contacted me today. I was shrewd. I had a hair appointment, so I e-mailed her and told her that I was I was heading out the door my cell phone rang! It was her. Ahhhhhh.....she really really wants this domain name!

Off to the hairdresser I go carrying along pictures of Ali's new do.

This is my luck with hairdressers and I digress. Several years ago while living in Lex I always went to S.D.U. because I loved Don. I went in this one day, I always put a lot of time in between hair cuts...this was before gray...and my hair was really shaggy. I noticed he had lost an extreme amount of weight and before I knew it I was hearing all about the break-up of he and his wife and how she had packed up the child and left him for someone else. Someone she had been seeing for awhile. He suspected, but loved her too much to pay any credence to those suspicions. He was going through the credit card bills and cell phone bills and realized he was being cuckolded. He was so upset,so angry and so hurt. The more emotional he became telling me about the betrayal, the more hair was piling up on the floor beneath me.

I am the type that always keeps my eyes closed until it's over.

When it was over, my hair was as short as a little boys.

I got use to it, and in time looking back on the pictures of me with the shear hair cut, I kind of liked it.

Back to tonight....I got my hair colored (lots of gray these day) and was sitting at the sink getting the ends brought up to speed when Michael (I love men hair dressers, always have, always will) begins to tell me about the break up with his girlfriend of three years. Passionately telling me the story!

Flash Back!!!!

When I was seated in the chair, I thought long and hard about pulling out Ali's pictures, but in the end I did. He studied them and then brought out the scissors...snip snip snip.

Its fabulous! He did not cut off all of it and it is no where at all like Ali's, but he did cut it shorter than normal and if I like it and get enough compliments, we'll go higher the next time.

He is one great hair stylist.

And we sang Herman and the Hermits songs while he cut away. (I am living large)


Then I go back home with this fabulous hair cut feeling like a million dollars and call the Domain Seeker.

What is a domain name worth? I told her that I would contact Go Daddy and see what they suggest.

After that we talked girl talk for about 10 minutes. I like her.

Maybe I won't ask for $25,000.

Man, my hair looks good!


Robbie said...

Darn it Mary! You didn't say what the name is or what her offer was for the name. @#$Q%@^@!%%% I am so fricken curious now. And, the creme de la creme is you didn't even post a picture of the new 'do. ()&^^%^&**(&((

P.S. I'm not much of a curser. I don't know how to spell the words in jibberish even. Hahaha

Lisa :-] said...

I'm thinking about going short with my hair this summer, but I atually have to let it grow out for a couple more months to be able to get it cut the way I want it.

What in the world is this domain name that this chick wants so badly?

meno said...

Another chime in for the name of the domain is mainly in the plain.

Sorry, got carried away by My Fair Lady songs.

Nelle said...

OK I am so curious! About the domain name and the hair cut! I go aobut an inch shorter each year!
My neighbor who just turned 40 cut about six inches off her hair saying she was now too old for long hair! I hate my gray and just began coloring it all a medium brown when my natural color was black. I like it.

Unhinged said...

Sheesh, not to parrot everyone else, but you ARE a clam, missy.

So give.

(I wish I could get a boy cut, but you've got to have good skin for that, good bone structure ...)

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to check up on you, my friend. Glad you got a great new 'Do' ... and an offer for the name. I'm curious to see how this all goes. I shall return ! xx

Trish said...

You big tease. Let's see the hair!

Go for the gold on that domain name.

Ali la Loca said...

So glad my accidental short hair served as some inspiration!

I'm curious about the domain name, too. And the hair, of course.