Saturday, April 14, 2007

Closet Cleaning Diversion

You find a lot more in closets than just Monsters

I'm at home this week-end taking the house apart. I first went to Walmart and purchased several rather large containers and a couple of smaller ones. I think my first plan of action is to de-clutter the house before the Realtors pay me a visit.

I started with the back closet and began pulling out clothing I have not worn since moving here. It goes into the Goodwill bag. Hiding on the bottom of the closet is Bridget's wedding veil and princess crown, my bag of Christmas cards and wrap I scored at Value City with my $20 coupon, a case of note cards (and I do mean case),
a child's map of the world, a wedding gift, and a plastic sweater box full of photographs that spilled all over the floor when I dragged it out.

Among one I picked up is this jewel. Bridget and Tara. The blond one and the dark one. I love this photo.

Anything to get a break.

Maybe I'll go make some banana bread and look through photo's.


Trish said...

What a find! Beautiful memory.

I swear, we are doing the exact same thing over here. I think we found the same things in our back closet last night. Photos, wrapping paper, notecards, old tax info (no wedding stuff though). But wow.

Isn't it fun, kinda?

ab said...

Beautiful photograph indeed....the look on the girl's faces is incredible, but do you see who is gazing down upon them from the piano?...there must be a million stories in those pictures.

Moving...such an incredibly emotional experience each and every time...a moment we measure time day, you'll be looking back, and say ...."remember, back in '07, when we moved from northeast Indiana?"