Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Phone Conversations #457

I called my pal in Lex around 515pm and got his voice mail.

"I'm just leaving work and I bet you are home in a bubble bath!"

I was wrong, he was ringing in as I was leaving the message.

"You'll never guess what happened? BB came into town and they went right to my area. Right to a HD and the cooler was filthy. I never noticed it was filthy! Never. Maybe because I am not really tall enough to see the top. I told them that they had bags of dirt up there...."

"Everybody's HD's are like that! For God's sake, the coolers are in the garden area! Crap flying around everywhere. One dirty cooler is not going to ruin your career. All our trucks were parked today. We sent the drivers home around 9am."

"Why? I know one dirty cooler is not going to kill me, I just hate that BB is such an anal snot."

"Because the system was down. 125 sales centers were effected! Remember he will be over CD in Louisville too. And I think anal is his middle name."

"Oh, that! Yea we knew about it and we called in all our orders. Our trucks were on the road. We are da bomb."

"Yea.....Da Dirty Bomb."

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