Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1) Got a telephone call from Joe telling me some stuff surrounding his job and I realize my world might just be rocked again! And I realize just how happy I have become here, in this little spot in West KY. And I understand how fleeting it all can be. Grabbing the moment, realizing things, gaining an understanding about yourself - the Grace in Small Things has helped center me and guide me to focus on all the good in my life. How absolutely happy I am. And how that can all crash down in one moment.
2) Receive the Animal House disc in the mail to post.
3) Computer is down again....take it to a guy I met running the computer fix -r-up dept. at one of the stores on the facility grounds. He is a sweet heart and so totally unlike Best Buy with it's diagnostic down payment and long wait for your computer to be fixed and then ask for more money - no, this place was a dream.
4)Work at Biscuit Bucket as if in a trance. But, I got to work with K. again, who I hardly ever see since we are now the "old timers" at the BB and usually split up for efficiency.
5) Make it through the day without breaking down and crying.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just break down & cry..... ~Mary