Wednesday, August 18, 2010


August 17th
Grace in Small Things

1) Found a lost phone number of an old friend that I jotted down a near two years ago when she left me a voice message. Misplaced by accident? Dear friend who took the wrong train out of the station and makes you question the lengths one should go to help a friend, be a friend and when it is just enabling and detrimental to ones own mental health. Oh the stories! I put the number in a safe place.
2)Joe went through a weeks worth of garbage in the hopes that the box was still there. And it was. Yucky but definitely fortunate. Building case against Cruela DeTrainwreck.
3)Finding Trailer Park Boy tv show clips on Youtube. The "Rickyisms" are priceless. The show is priceless! Too bad it is only available on channel 101 on Direct TV. It grows on you!
4) 101st Airborne article in the paper regarding the celebration of the creation of the Division (is it a division?) because my Dad was one of the first 101st and the history of WWII is his history. Parachuting into occupied France, Beach of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge. True hero's.
5) Two more companies have agreed to donate samples and the such to our Baby Fair! It's coming together nicely.

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