Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday Aug. 7th

Grace in Small Things

1) Get the Wilma report from a visiting retail manager at Biscuit Bucket.
2) Fashion show went off with out a hitch, that is if you don't count the pugnacious mother in the dressing room. Why do some people get all attitude?
3) Went to liquor store to get my drink on when I ran into a group of CA girls complaining to the owner about how the store bagged a very expensive bottle of vodka in a flimsy bag which subsequently ripped and crashed to the floor and busted! Horrors! They were so indignant and full of vim & vigor that I loved it. One of them commented about the outrageous prices in Tennessee (they are) holding up a bottle of Skyy "This is the cheap stuff in California!" and another ragged on C-ville for not recycling. lol. I loved them. I also informed them that they could purchase liquor cheaper in Kentucky, they were headed to Owensboro.
4) Went home and took a nap - woke up at 1030pm! Commenced to make another killer curry dish and play on facebook.
5) Spoke to Auntie M on phone. She sounds strong and happy. Will see her tomorrow.

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