Thursday, August 26, 2010


Grace in Small Things
August 25th

1) Squirrels, chipmunks and a wide variety of birds nosily awaiting the arrival of my mother and her bird seed pan.

2) 45 minute walk/run through the WC Park, my sanctuary which I very rarely am able to get to since moving away five years ago.

3) Seeing old photo's at Mom and being very struck by the clothes I was wearing. I loved that suede calf length coat with the huge fur collar. It went out of style and now recently it's making a comeback.

4) Spending afternoon with Bridget - shopping (for her) and lunch and visiting her old place of work and getting her old job back.

5) Did I mention that her "old place of work" is owned by one of the Animal House brothers brother? Small world and astonishing world at times.

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Nelle said...

Mary I have so many clothing items I wish I had held onto. Mostly, my "monk" cape, floor length gray wool with the huge hood and black belt. Also my "flag" suede jacket which my then boyfriend bought the matching one. Everyone begged us for them and couldn't tell you now what happened to them. I do still have a small handmade purse with a grape cluster burned into the leather.