Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Number 251

Friday August 6th
Grace in Small Things

1) Realize I needed to include a form with the day before IRS crap and when I go to look for it, it is right on top of where I think it might be. Thanks Dad.
2) On way to work I realize it is the first day of school in this area (do not feel sorry for them as they have a schedule that includes half day practically every week and a fall/winter/spring break and numerous holidays and mental health days. It's ridiculous) Anyway, on the side of the six mile two lane stretch into TN there is a cluster of vehicles at the end of a long long driveway with several little bitty tykes all decked out in their first day of school attire and back packs, new shoes and pig tails. They are so cute being walked across the highway and loaded on the bus. I recall my Mom following us all the way down the street with those hand held camera that had that choppy black and white film every single year for three years running to document our first day of school, climbing on the bus, waving from the steps - ah, the memories.
3) Tax free week-end begins and it is busy!
4) Have a blow out evening at Biscuit Bucket
5) Get through another day without yelling or hurting someones feelings.

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