Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday - All my troubles seemed so far away

Grace in Small Things
Thursday Aug 12th

1) One of the Maintenance crew is a young man of 21 years. First time out on his own. Very naive and sheltered. Had some "friends" steal his rent money and X-box. Miss Ice Queen (or MD1 I can't make up my mind) decides to champion his cause b/c he is totally ill equipped to cope and deal with situation. She calls agencies b/c he is being evicted etc. trying to raise money for him. I go to bank and take out some money to help out. I keep thinking that God sends it back to you 100 times. I believe it, it's not why I do it, but I have seen it happen over and over to my parents. As God does things, the Salvation Army Reps walk through the door for a meeting with Prop Mgr. (guess they want to Ring-a-ding at Christmas). I get two very good referrals and a significant Name Drop for Poor Little Maintenance Guy. He and Ice Queen head out door. Hope it all works out for him. He's a good kid.

2) That fabulous chocolate mousse yogurt

3) Running into girl who "would know" at Biscuit Bucket picking up check and asking about organizations and churches who help out in dire emergencies. She gives me two more names.

4) Have a box of Gevalia coffee waiting for me at home.

5) Along with another IRS letter (damn those stupid laws) is another letter from the bank I have the loan for my trusty turbo boost Sonata. The last bank draft, which is about 1/3 of the usual amount, will be taken out Aug 22nd and THE CAR IS PAID OFF!

Added bonus - Joe and I dance around kitchen waving the bank letter and stomping on the IRS letter (well, maybe not really)


Nelle said...

Just got my car paid off too. Woohoo!!! Three years old and I own it now. The fruits of my (hard) labor lol

Lori said...

I hope the naive maintenance crew guy can get some help. Sounds like a nice guy who just trusted the wrong people.