Thursday, August 26, 2010


Grace in small things
August 24th

1) When I walked into the bay this morning everyone seated in there greeted me with a robust "Good morning Mary!!" very cool.

2) Drive to Lex under the full moon was beautiful

3) Mrs. Long Suffering brought an extra Frozen cappuccino for me. Milk shake two days in a row - oh boy.

4) The maintenance guy who was so down and out gave me a big hug.

5) Have you ever had a moment where some memory, a thought just flies into your head from nowhere! I remembered my old "high heeled sneakers' that I got at an old defunct shoe store in Lex many years ago. They were in the red white and blue style, sort of in a flag montage. They were high and I did wait tables with them on. I don't know how...I probably even ran in them on several occasions (like catching someone inadvertently walking out on their check!)

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