Saturday, August 21, 2010


Grace in Small Things
366/365 99 to go.
AUgust 21st

1) I was on my way to Biscuit Bucket to report for work and I noticed, about two miles down the trail, that I had neglected to iron my peach colored oxford shirt. Oops. Got sent home, like I was dreading was going to happen. Oh well, went home and switched shirts and farted around, cleaned out kitty liter, checked Facebook and then headed back. I decided I truly was wrong and no need to get all upset at Heather Be Thy Name being such a stickler to such small things.
2) I have brought to my "office" (a story for another time) all my framed photographs and prints that will not "fit" into my small rental house.
3) The cutest kid contest was a bust! Eliminate one from the rolls for next year.
4) Fudge covered graham crackers with milk
5) Reading Southern Living and one of the small hamlets in the county I hail from is highlighted!

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Anonymous said...

As a manager I've had employees who had to wear a special shirt or 2....& REALLY, it isn't a big deal if they forgot one day..or had an accident, or Whatevah.
I'd not like Heather that much, I am sure.