Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eagles Nest Trip

Grace in Small Things
Saturday August 14th

1) Joe off work - let me rephrase that, Joe worked the phone all day directing things but was able to drive to Paris Landing with me for a meet at the Eagles Nest with several of the Animal House gang.
2) Eagles Nest - the best place I've found in this area so far. Too bad it is an hours drive from the house. A beautiful outside bar and restaurant on the Kentucky Lake that hosts a marina. Bands play on the "Dock" and it is just a taste of the Caribbean right here in TN.
3) Met the owner who was an old acquaintance back in the day. He didn't remember me, but I remembered him because he was one of three brothers. I told him I hung out at his brothers house at Winchester Apts. and he rattled off all the occupants of the "apartments" (which were actually little one bedroom, two room bungalows) that sat on the circle. It was the one of the most coveted area's in College town. Ah, the partying times of summer of '74.
4) The heat index was well over 100 the day before and people had told me that they had gaged 107 degrees on their outdoor thermometers! Holy smokes! So I drug out my bathing suit cover up that was made for me in Jamaica by a seamstress on the beach and lo and behold, it fit! Like a glove. But it was heaven to be in a cool dress on the dock.
5) A huge storm blew over and the place almost became deserted except for a handful of us. It was so much fun talking and planning Homecoming with them. We are going to have t-shirts made up thay say "Aminal House seen it? Hell, I lived it!"

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