Sunday, August 08, 2010

July 28th

Grace in Small Things

1) Temp's last day at the Mall and I will miss her sweet SD voice (not everyone talks like the people in Fargo, she tells me. If I based SD accents on hers, everyone would speak like they are 12 years old) but hopefully she will remain at the Mall working at one of the jewelry stores, but not the "Ho" store. I interviewed for an open position at this particular store when I first arrived in this fair city last year. I did not get the job. Fast forward to this year, walking through the Mall with Joe we pass this store. Several of the associates are standing out side the show room people watching. "That is the store that did not hire me" I remark as we pass by. Joe turns his head, checks out the two associates, turns back to me and replies, No wonder, your "Ho" factor is not high enough".

2) Received three mini Yankee Candles (one is Farmers Market - wow its nice!) for a job well done selling our quota and beyond at Biscuit Bucket.

3) Sometime earlier in the week, Monday maybe, I had made my daily journey to Walmart and picked up squash, The squash was priced at $1.79 or some other totally absurd price because everyone knows squash practically grows wild. Kroger had it on sale for 77 cents per pound. Needless to say, Walmat no longer carries the competitions ad sheet at the cash registers as their customer service level decreases in direct correlation to their remodel. I am told that if I bring in the Kroger ad and go to customer service they will match the ad. So on Wednesday I go in with my receipt and the Kroger ad. No hassle and in two minutes I have my money refunded (about 3.50) and then recharged at the 77 cent price. I come out about tow dollars ahead. I thank my Mom for passing on this shopper gene to me.

4) It's hump day.

5) I have a new friend at Biscuit Bucket, The Gilded Lilly. She is a hoot and lots of fun. And Candi loves her too. Candi hardly likes anybody.

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