Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It seems that I find myself at this journal/blog more often than the other. I operate/write under a cloak of anoniminity that is not available to me on Alphawoman. My regular hand written jnl. Seems to be gathering dust in the back seat of the Coke-mobile. I find it difficult to write in the van, too cramped.

I am wolfing down lunch which is two old hamburgers from dinner two nights ago. I am in day two of the South Beach diet....I did not do too well yesterday, giving in to a 99cent jumbo bag of Autumn Mix (yum the indian corn). The the left over candy from Halloween. Thank God Zorro took it to work for distribution to the ghosts and ghouls of NSR. The Autumn mix was tossed into the trash can on the way into Barnes and Noble. Good girl, Alpha!

No one has told my body about the time change. That is why I am wolfing down lunch at 1030am! It is the reason that I crashed at 730pm last night! Awake at 1130pm! Back to bed around 130am. Up at 5am. That's my life , a study in clock study.

I am off to the polls now. Hope the rain hold off.

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