Thursday, November 18, 2004


Would you consider it manic or would you consider it compulsive. Zorro handed me something he took off the internet and it said, "Hobby or obsession?" Funny, sad but true.

I tried to find a place to sit down and write in my regular BIBLE...which is the name I gave my personal handwritten journal back in 1967 when I began to keep one. Got the name from the book, THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT. It was the notebook of newpaper clippings, love poems, drawings etc. that they ( the 14 year old Val and her side kick whoes name I can not remember, Val was who I related to!) had collected and/or written about Henry Orient. I loved that book, first found at the used book store called "Dennis' Bookstore". I think I may have gone through several copies before totally misplacing it! I had been trying to hunt it down on the internet for years, losing out on first editions (1958) and other opportunities. Then it was reissued! Who knew it had legs! I had the local Bookstore, Joseph-Beth special order it for me. Guess what, no longer available! Drat! Then I finally, on a fluke found it on line again and ordered it. Got a beautiful small copy. I did not realize it was considered a "juvenile" book. Hello! Did you all see the movie with Peter Sellers and Shelly Winters? Well I did, and and it is about infidelity, 14 year old lust for men old enough to be their fathers amoung other sdult themes! They must have been through off by the main characters being all of 14.

Just like the time I found A CHILD'S GARDEN OF GRASS in the childrens section of the Book Cellar at the main public library. "This does not belong here!" I quickly purchased it, remembering all the wonderful hours we spent all smoked up laughing at the silly LP we had at Murray State University.

I just went through the out line, or the inspiration for at the least three more entries.

I am in a manic mood for days now!

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