Friday, November 05, 2004

Thank God its Friday

Or TGIF. Did I mention that yesterday was my dad's 85th Birthday? I had my doubts that we were going to celebrate it this year, but he fooled us all. The new Alheimers medication is working like a charm. It will never bring my Dad back but at least it has stopped the rapid decline we were witnessing two weeks ago. And there is hope he will live and realize his prophesy to die in the back of a church at age 90.

I am so upset, but pretty much calmed down now. Several years ago I was in a financial decline and had my car repossessed. Even though I had the job with the great company I am with now, it was catch up time. I bit the bullit and paid the collection agency along with all the fines and fees and had no car. A crime, but I realize that I was in the wrong to get so far behind in my payments, even though I was catching up I was not up to date. I paid the damn thing off by borrowing money from my 401-K. Finished and done with. Well, they are back for the third time trying to collect the same amount of money. It is up to me to unearth the letter I demanded the last time they came after me (for the second time) that states I have pain in full, and also find the paid checks. What a hassel!

I am going to write the Attorney General of KY about this. I am sick and tired of paying for my sins and continue to be harrassed by these vultures!

That's all folks.....

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