Monday, November 15, 2004


What a cruddy week end, as all the past three weekends have been. If this fighting and bickering does not stop, I'll pull my hair out. Better yet, I'll pull his hair out. I hope it is dovetailing into some resolution. I effectively talked him out of buying a home/house in Northern Kentucky. My stomach was in knots today, and a feeling of dread engulfed me all day. He was going to look at a house on the market for $15,000. It use to be a restaurant...A what? He (the realtor) thought that if Zorro offered him $12 it would be his. I was miserable all day, trying to shake off the feeling of doom. Can you buy an outhouse for that? I think not. I envisoned me cleaning out our savings, cashing in my IBM stock and having a crappy house I would not even want to set foot it.

Anyway, I brought him around that our only solution is for him to rent...for at least six months. After all, his work requires him to be up there for four days! He was so this is all my fault! He told me that he may take Bailey up there for weekends. Inside I'm cringing with the symbolic slap in the face......

I should know better. He is going to be so lonely. Why would we want to be in Cint when everything, everyone is here in Lexington? He should feel better now knowing he will have somewhere to stay. Spending over $400 a month because he will not drive it back and forth daily. This weekend I called him the most selfish and self centered person on the face of the earth (lot of drama) and I will live to pay for that. But he is, now we are going to have a long distance relationship.

I think I will enjoy it for awhile. It will be heaven not to have Bailey around every moment of the weekends. Because he will work on Sat. nights now, he will have to take her back and head back to No. Kentucky ....yippee!!!! Why I dislike that child so much I will never know. Life would be so much easier for Zorro and myself if she were different. But, she is demanding, obnoxious, loud and irritating.

On a good note, my eye has stopped twitching!!!

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