Thursday, November 18, 2004


I found myself turning onto the twisty, curvy, narrow country road that leads to Reeds Orchard. Nestled two miles off the main highway then down another half mile or so of gravel and pot holes you come upon this gentle oasis of pumpkins and apples.

I did not need to be there, having already a peck of apples sitting at home waiting to be turned into apple pies and caramel apples...........Wait! What am I saying !!! I am on a diet! And while I tell you that, toss in that jar of pumpkin butter on my order. Resist temptation? HA! Throw in another peck of those delicious apples I got the last time....What are they called? Oh who cares! They are delicious! What's this? Pepper jelly! On Cream Cheese with those special crackers. Yummy! Apple cider...YES YES YES.

As I was leaving, she rushed out the door to make sure I took one of the radiant pumpkins with me.....Pumpkin Pie...............

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