Friday, November 12, 2004

KNOXVILLE: City where the Devil is among friends.

Normally I would say what a great town (city) K-town is. And it was. I am just under a cloud of doubt about the future. Where we will be and if I am okay with it. I hoped it would be Chicago. I know in my heart it would be cruel and unwarranted punishment to make Zorro move to Chicago, or even push the issue.

I could explain to him that Bailey will be 10 years old in a few weeks. In a few years she will be 12. Around that time she will have her friends and being with Dad will be a crap. Unless she is one of this weird children who clings to the opportunity that having a Dad/boyfriend offers? God, help me.

What I think is unimportant. She is very young and needs her Dad. I think Chicago is too far away. He may see or get her once a month, and not the every week-end he gets now. He did let me stomp down Danville. There is no discussion, we will move.

So, the promise that K-town offered was short lived. He was just going through the motions...for me?

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