Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Voting was not so bad yesterday. I was prepared for the line and so surprised! Usually it is a cake walk, sign in, show id, vote, go. And not to forget bull s'ing with the people volunteering at the polling area.

The only glitch was the lady behind me with her 18 month old son who screamed and cried the entire 10 minutes. And she invaded my space. If that kid were any closer to me, I would have been carrying him. I think she did it on purpose! Maybe she did not like my looks, hell maybe she read my mind! I was thinking she was out of her mind being that kid with out a book or a coloring book or toys or something! Oh well, I was ready to be a martyr and then she was pulled out of the line for not being officially registered. Thank you God.

Did much better on the diet. Considering I got up the nerve to stand on the scale and there it was! The dreaded ten pounds! I screamed loud and long! I knew it was was more than ten pounds actually, but once I got all my clothes stipped off it dropped three pounds.

Did much better, only three candy bars! Those tiny ones! No indian corn, no wheat thins....just some sugar fee pudding and lentil soup. Which I love. It is not on the South Beach diet, but who cares! I am trying to cut out sugar and starch in their ugliest forms! Lentil soup is comfort food, especially on a night where I was realizing that my vote did little good. Even badgering Zorro to vote, did little good. Another four years of I see it. I am not better off than I was under the Clinton administration, and I am looking at a dismal future as a retiree.

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